Apple Tree Crèche: Inscription

Dear parents and prospective parents,We accept children from 3 months up to 36 months of age (30 months at registration).

Places up to February 2025:

We have an opening for August/ September 2024 in our baby group (3-9 mo). If you are interested in the place, please send us an email with the information below, and we will contact you to schedule a visit.

  1. Your child’s date of birth/ prospective date of birth
  2. Preferred starting date
  3. Number of days you would like to register your child for (4 or 5)
  4. Languages spoken at home

For places after February 2025:

We have not yet opened up visit for places after February 2025. If you are interested in a place, please fill out the form below and we will contact you once we start visits for those places.

Jours par semaine requis *

Apple Tree Crèche